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Here you will find answers to many of the questions we’ve been asked over the years. Hopefully this will help with any questions you may have. If you still have questions after reading through the FAQ please email us directly via the Contact Us regarding your questions… and we’ll do our best to respond as quickly as possible.

Backing the Change Color paint.

Question: Can I use different colors to back the Change color paints?
Answer: For best results, stick with a black backer. The darker the color you put behind the change color paints, the better effects you will receive. 

Backing Mirror Chrome paint

Question: What do I use to back the Mirror Chrome Aerosol paint?
Answer: Back with Spaz-Stix Ultimate Black Backer for Mirror Chrome. Ultimate Black Backer is a special formulation that prevents dulling the reflective qualities of Mirror Chrome. We strongly recommend that you practice with the Chrome and Backer on a scrap piece before painting your final project.

Liquid mask with Pre-Prep

Question: How do I use the Pre-Prep when using liquid masking?
Answer: Spray a light mist of Pre-prep before applying the liquid mask, then again each time you lift a bit of the dried mask from your project. You can spray Pre-Prep over Spaz Stix and most other paints with no problems. 

Mirror Chrome for exterior applications

Question: How good does the Mirror Chrome look on an ‘exterior’ applications (Any mirror effect)?
Answer: You can achieve good results on exterior applications, but you will see the best results with interior applications. Exterior finishes are generally closer to a “polished aluminum” look rather than reflective chrome.

Spaz Stix Mirror Chrome Application Guide for Exterior Mirror Chrome results:

1) Make sure your surface is as smooth as a sheet of glass. This is a very critical step to achieving the Mirror Chrome results you are looking for. Use your favorite sandable primer/sealer to fill in any small imperfections.

2) Lay down a few coats of black paint as a base layer. In order for the finished product to achieve a true Mirror Chrome look, it is recommended that you allow the base coat to fully cure before wet sanding and buffing to a glass like sheen. Use a soft lint-free rag for buffing. When your surface has a glass like finish, move onto the next step.

3) Clean the surface with alcohol or an alcohol/water solution and dry it. Make sure that your surface is completely streak free. If it is not, it might affect your end results.

4) Start painting the Mirror Chrome using a light dusting effect. One of the best ways to tell if you are spraying it on properly is that you will see the Mirror Chrome paint hit the surface and flash almost instantly. If using an airbrush, you will be spraying around 15 to 20 psi. Be sure to use a small amount of Mirror Chrome paint with a substantial amount of air. Apply the Mirror Chrome in light, even coats until you have achieved the desired effect.

5) Give the Mirror Chrome ample drying time before moving onto the next step. This is to allow the solvents to fully evaporate.

6) Use a very soft lint-free cloth to remove all of the excess Mirror Chrome paint dust / overspray from the surface. BE CAREFUL! Applying too much pressure can wipe the Mirror Chrome away! Once you have completed this step, you will see a BIG improvement in the final appearance of your surface.

7) Apply Spaz Stix Ultimate Clear Coat over the polished Mirror Chrome surface. Again, use light, even coats. Applying heavy coats will cause the Mirror Chrome to “lift” and ruin the reflective finish.

8) Let the Clear Coat cure and then sand and buff the surface as needed. If you are happy with your results, you may skip the “sand and buff” step.

NOTE: Mirror Chrome’s reflective properties will be slightly less brilliant when used externally (as described above). ALWAYS test on a piece of scrap before taking on your project!

What type of paint is Spaz Stix paint?

Question: What type of paint is Spaz Stix paint?
Answer: Most of our paints are made of High Quality Enamels. While the Mirror Chrome is not an enamel, it is only compatible with enamel backers.

Thinning Spaz Stix paint

Question: Do I need to thin Spaz Stix paints?
Answer: Spaz Stix paints come ready to spray straight form the bottle. There is no need to thin it further!

Does your change color paint work on wood?

Question: Can we use the change color paint on wood?
Answer: Yes you can. We recommend laying down a primer to ensure adhesion and a smooth surface before applying the paint.

Basic instructions for using Spaz Stix paint

Question: Where can I find instructions?
Answer: Basic instructions can be found here: 
Basic Instructions for Spaz Stix Paints.pdf