MIP – Tekno 16mm 6 Hole Bypass1 Piston Set (4)



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This is an MIP 16mm 6 Hole Bypass1 Piston Set, intended for use with 1/8 Tekno Kits. These pistons are fully customizable and allow for better control of the shocks rebound speed and the cars performance. MIP Bypass1 Pistons are also Dyno Tuned to ensure they match the compression characteristics of the stock pistons. Featuring MIP Color Coded Valves, MIP Bypass1 Pistons combined together with their valves allows you to control and maximize the cars shocks performance based on which valves are used. Thicker valves generate a slower rebound and thinner vales get quicker rebounds. Mix and match and stack valves together and find the best set up! Different color valves allow you to identify which thickness of valve is being used.
Valve Designation:

.003 Green Fast Rebound Valve
.005 Blue Medium Rebound Valve
.007 Clear Slow Rebound Valve
.010 Brown Neutral Valve
.004 Tan Gap Valve
Drill out Bypass1 Pistons to your prefered spec! Tekno Pistons feature 1.2mm pre-drilled holes which allow you to easily drill them out to custom hole sizes. For instance, you can drill 3 holes at Ø1.35mm and the other 3 at Ø1.50mm.” Another advantage of the Bypass1 Technology.
MIP Dyno tunes their pistons to ensure they match the compression characteristics of the stock pistons. This allows MIP to guarantee their Bypass1 Pistons duplicate the stock pistons with precision and accuracy along with unparalleled quality, providing you with the most optimized feel in the shocks.

Precision Machined Bearing Grade Pistons
Precision Stamped Valves
Manufactured 100% in the USA
1.3 mm pre-drilled holes, adjust to your normal hole size setup easily and enjoy the added benefit of Bypass1 Tech
Control rebound speed with MIP Color Coded Valves
Different valve thicknesses allow adjustable rebound speeds
Stacking valves allows for fine tuning adjustments when needed
Increased vehicle responsiveness, stability, and predictability
(4) 6 – Hole 1.3 mm MIP Bypass1 Pistons
(5) .003 Green (Fast Rebound Valve)
(5) .005 Blue (Medium Rebound Valve)
(5) .007 Clear (Slow Rebound Valve)

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Weight .04 lbs
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × .25 in



EB48, EB48.2, EB48.3, EB48.4, ET48, ET48.3, HB Racing E817, NB48, NB48.3, NT48, NT48.3

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